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In addition to traditional apparel, we also have an extensive portfolio of fabrics and materials.

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From woven fabrics to knitwear, from uniforms to fashion. Producing garment OEM has always been the key business of Tamurakoma Vietnam.

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Medical Equipments

Products intended to protect users' safety during a COVID pandemic such as isolation gowns, masks, and medical gloves.

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At Tamurakoma Vietnam, we pay special attention to environmental issues and sustainable products.

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Polyester 100%.

Nylon 100%.

Woven & Knitted.

Tamurakoma Vietnam's Selected Textiles

Tamurakoma's 「Comfeel」Fabric

"Comfeel" is Tamurakoma developed fabrics using Japanese technology, both knitting and dyeing are done in northern Japan. We sell it as a high-performance material with more than 30 product numbers for small lots. Having features of stretch, water absorption and quick drying, shape stability, etc., regardless of genre. Currently, in addition to ordinary knit shirts, we are also focusing on developing new products such as "COMFEEL" using recycled polyester, TC recycled jersey, various additional processing and outer materials for jacket pants.


Kids, Ladies & Men.




Woven & Knitted.

Apparels Marks Tamurakoma Vietnam Appearance

We carry out quality control of fabric and cut-and-sew company uniforms, sports clothing, casual clothing, bedspreads, etc. on an OEM basis based on Japanese quality standards using our cooperating factories mainly in southern Vietnam.''..

Medical Equipments

Nitrile Gloves.

Medical Gowns.

Face Masks.

Non-woven Materials Products.

We join to share the burdens

Nitrile gloves produced in Vietnam (thickness 3.5g / M size, 4g / M size, etc.) 100 sheets / small box x 10 small boxes / carton. Ordering unit: Ordering in 20F container units.

Eco-friendly Products

Coconut Straw.

Rice Straw.

Rattan Bags.

Go Green Go Lean

Reusable shopping bags made from rice flour and plant stems, which decompose naturally after use, and eco-bags made from natural materials to reduce the use of plastic bags.